Amazing Shih-Tzu Pet Contract

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This Shih-Tzu puppy has been carefully reared by Amazing Shih-Tzu's (Tammie K Wise). The parent animals were mated with the aim of producing sound healthy puppies. The breeder is responsible for forwarding the American Kennel Club Registration Application and Puppy Pedigree within a reasonable period of time. No charge will be made for this service.         The purchaser promises to keep the Shih-Tzu in a proper manner. It shall not be permanently in a kennel. If problems arise concerning keeping the puppy, the purchaser agrees to consult the breeder. If it should prove necessary for the Shih-Tzu to change hands the breeder has prior purchase rights. Selling to a third party is only permissable after prior consultation with the breeder. Whereby, the main consideration is the assurance that the Shih-Tzu is passed to responsible owners.                          The puppy will be handed over at the age of eight weeks.                 No exceptions will be made. Together with the signing of this document a down payment of half will be made. The remainder of the purchase price falls due when the Shih-Tzu is taken over at eight weeks of age, then if necessary shipping arrangements will be made.         This Shih-Tzu is guaranteed to be free from communicable disease. Buyer agrees to have a veterinaries health inspection completed within forty-eight hours of transfer and forward a copy to the seller. If your Shih-Tzu is found to be unhealthy, your puppy must be returned to the seller along with the veterinaries health statement stating the findings. At that time the puppy would be replaced with a puppy of equal value. If the puppy should die within two years of age an autopsy must be completed by the veterinarian to determine the cause of death. If the cause of death is due to improper care on the buyers part, no guarantee will be made. Buyer must notify seller prior to delivery of the remains and provide seller with the veterinaries name and phone number.
    If buyer chooses not to have a veterinaries health inspection within forty-eight hours of transfer or adhere to any of the said provisions, the buyer releases seller from any and all health guarantees. Seller is not responsible for any shipping or veterinary costs.
    I have read and fully understand the above guarantee.
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             Please mail to: Tammie Wise (Amazing Shih-Tzu's)
                                          21206 4th. Street 
                                     Carlyle, Illinois, 62231

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Pet contract for Shih tzu puppy.
Amazing Shih-Tzu